About Us

Efra Management is a full-service advertising, branding, promotional, sales, information collection, digital marketing (online media), video editing, and video creation organization, just as a manpower management firm. We have a solid and concrete belief in consumer satisfaction. Efra Management was established in the year 2012. Moreover, for the last eight years, we have given the most astounding and reasonable services available in the market. Efra Management was previously known as Efra PS Services. In October 2018, we changed our name to Efra Management Pvt. Ltd. furthermore left on another new excursion.

We have developed an unmatched field of services with every one of our present clients, which has brought about our admirable abilities and experience. This puts us miles in front of our rivalries and empowers us to serve our clients better and furthermore form lasting associations with them.

    Efra management, as the name infers, can help you in addressing your requirements, needs, and demands. We have multitudinous devoted and experienced groups working across India. We likewise have our own committed group of 12000 people who help us with different projects.

    Efra management is focused on offering top-notch types of services, and we never compromise on this. Quality and proper marketing can enhance the selling of products and services, and it will permit you to settle on ideal and exact management choices at all levels, from strategic to vital.


The Mission of Efra management is to serve our clients at the degree of fulfillment according to their requirements and expectations for services from us.


The Vision of Efra management is to augment our stakeholders' worth beneficially and morally, while guaranteeing a solid corporate governance benchmarked with value added significant experiences for its clients and build our brand's reputation and acquire the market.

Why Choose Us!

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    EFRA MANAGEMENT provides our clients end-to-end constant marketing (application downloading, application registration, Merchant Onboarding, dealer registration) Promotion, branding, manpower outsourcing and manpower training and managing in just skilled labour.

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    Guaranteed Quality

    Our quality way of thinking centers around continuous improvement, having taken on the thorough quality process at each phase of execution we convey the best of the outcomes.

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    Focus on core competence

    With our aggregate involvement with marketing spread across different enterprises, you can securely carry on with your business with practically no issues by EFRA Management services.

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    EFRA management works on the pan India level with its own in-house team of 12000 people. We believe in consumer satisfaction, all the team members are committed and experienced


The objectives of EFRA MANAGEMENT are listed as follows:

  • To become India’s No. 1 marketing company both in terms of scale and diversity.
  • To deliver clients with the best end-to-end services .
  • To be able to help the clients realize unmatched value at best price.
  • To bring first high level of marketing expertise that will understand client-specific requirements, and solve them by leveraging our unmatched scale, capabilities and penetration.
  • Our huge presence at every part of India allows real-time networking that are crucial for specific client requirements.
  • To provide actionable insights by means of using standard tools and techniques in our activities.
  • Provide best customer satisfaction through unmatched profitability, quality and timelines.
  • Provide the best of work culture that will uphold the company’s values.
  • We understand and value our customers requirements and help them realize their objectives.
  • We are providing transparent work environment and digital platform.
  • We offer our customer digital platform where he can manage work and accuracy and quality of work.
  • We are going to acquire maximum number of share in marketing sector.
  • We serve our customer as a king serve them as a king. And serve him always my best services.

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